How we started

Croc City was founded by Anton Lötter over a decade ago; he has been there for more than 16 years. He soon discovered a huge tourist market for their industry and explained that the origin of the animals in the Park and their facilities are exclusively for the benefit of visitors.

Our Mission

To assist in conservation of South African reptiles through education.

Croc City Q&A

What is the most satisfying part to your work?

Working outdoors and educating people about the wonderful world of reptiles.

What is the purpose of the Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park?

(ie: conservation/animal welfare as well as public interaction with the animals?)

We started off as a commercial crocodile farm. Our focus has changed over the years to educate people about the conservation of our indigenous reptiles.

Where do the animals come from, Are they rescued from unsavory places or bred on site?

All the crocodiles are bred on the farm, where some of our other resident reptiles were either bought in, rescued or donated.

What other reptiles are featured at the park?

We have a good variety of indigenous South African snakes (10 of the most venomous snakes in South Africa) and then in addition some exotic reptiles, tarantulas, alligators and  tortoises. The majority of our resident animals are Nile crocodiles.

How long do the animals stay at the establishment, Are any of the animals sent to other zoos/wildlife protection organisations?

It depends on the animal. Some crocodiles are sold to game parks and zoos and establishments that have the required permits to keep crocodiles. This in turns eliminates the practice of taking crocodiles away from their natural habitats in the wild.

What activities are available for families to do at Croc City?
(I saw there is a flyover zip-line, is this part of your establishment?)

We have guided tours daily from 9am to 4:30pm which features reptile interaction, where all visitors are given the opportunity to safely interact with various reptiles (Including a croc-hatchling). We have a full restaurant and kids play area. Crocodile feeding happens on Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm. We do a venomous snake show, which is very popular, every Sunday at 11am. Additionally, in 2014 we opened a Zip-line which we call a Flyover; the only one of its kind in Africa where you can safely fly over the crocodile enclosures! We do kid’s birthday parties, corporate events and team building exercises.

Through hard work, dedication and the support of their families, friends and loyal co-workers, the Park has grown into one of South Africa’s most popular animal/wildlife parks and tourist venues. In addition, this ‘home’ of cold-blooded animals has become one of the world’s most favorite wildlife filming venues of crocodiles and other reptile species. Visit the Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park for an unforgettable close encounter with the reptilian kind. Make it snappy!