Croc City FlyOver

FlyOver 150m Zip Line

Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park’s first Nile Crocodile Zip Line – A revolution for Africa – is turning heads as the brave of heart gear up to brave the new Croc City FlyOver!

Built by Chimp and Zee, the Croc City FlyOver is an adrenaline-fuelled opportunity to fly or zip over crocodiles as they watch from below!

“Try out the new Croc City FlyOver where you will get the opportunity to zip line over a number of Nile crocodiles as they lounge around the ponds. Equipped with the latest safety gear, trained guides will escort you over the two 75m zip lines (a total of 150m!),” says Chimp and Zee’s Campbell Scott.


Designed with the two cable sections or slides, the zip line tour consists of three platforms – the starting, the middle and the ending platform. Campbell explains that the first section traverses over two separate crocodile enclosures ending on the middle double platform. From this platform the second section traverses over the large crocodile enclosure to the ending platform. Both sections are referred to as “the system”. Height above ground will vary from the lowest point of 2.5m to the highest point around 8m.

The experience begins with a brief safety and orientation session and is led by highly trained guides who ensure that all adventurers are aware of the risks and follow instructions. Every FlyOver adventurer is required to wear protective equipment including a full body harness, a sling and a lanyard that connects to the cable as a safety backup. Campbell explains that the main zip line cable is a 13mm galvanised steel cable with an internal core. The rope is made up of a number of individual strands wrapped around each other for strength.


“Guests will experience a bird’s eye view of these large creatures as you glide over them up to eight metres above the ground. The Croc City FlyOver was built by industry professionals to South African engineering standards – guaranteed to make you heart stop!” Campbell says.

Priced at only R100 per person, this once-in-a-lifetime African adventure is designed to captivate and enthral every brave heart or adrenaline junkie!

Croc City is open seven days a week from 09:00 – 16:30. Experience your adventure today!