Crocodile Products

Crocodile Cream

Our products were developed by a leading Pharmaceutical Professor and are made in a SABS approved laboratory.

All the crocodile oil is sourced from ethical crocodile farming practices and CITES certification will be produced for export.

At this stage, we have the following products: Nile Crocodile Oil Lotion – Multi-Purpose Cream, Soap, Serum, Lip Balm, and 100% pure crocodile oil. Send us a mail for more info on prices:

Before and after treatment.

Burn Treatment

This young girl had boiling water, fall over her tight. Her mom came to our Crocodile Farm and purchased a tub of Crocodile Oil Lotion. The results were over a period of 2 weeks, where they lovingly applied the multi-purpose croc lotion every day to the young girl’s injury.

Surgery results

Post-surgery to remove a cancerous growth, this gentleman of 80 years was left with large cuts and numerous stitches. He applied the advanced skin healing serum twice a day for a period of a month and has been left with minimal scarring.


Uses for crocodile oil and crocodile oil containing products

  1. Treatment of dermatitis (eczema).
  2. Treatment of scrapes, acne, razor bumps, bedsores.
  3. Alleviation of pain and inflammation of arthritic conditions.
  4. Treatment of discolorations and pigmentation of the skin like brown spots, freckles, and menopausal darkening.
  5. Treatment of dry, flaky, itchy, and flocking skin, nappy rash, athlete’s feet, jock-itch, and irritations of scalp skin.

Reasons and substantiation of the above claims.

Crocodile oil has the same composition as human skin oil. It only differs with regard to the percentages of the ingredients present. Crocodile oil contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. The unsaturated or good fatty acids namely omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 oils are responsible for the above-mentioned effects. Omega 6 oils are very efficient for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in children. Crocodile oil contains about 20% omega 6 oil. Research also proved that omega 9 oil promotes fast wound closure and that a mixture of omega 6 and 9 oils are antibacterial and anti-fungal and will thus be excellent for the treatment of septic wounds. It regulates cell membrane function and modulates trans-epidermal water loss. It helps with the formation of compounds that counteracts inflammation reactions of the skin. It improves movement through and integrity of the cell membrane and also improves the integrity of the membranes. It regulates water loss of the skin and protects the skin against injury and infection (antibacterial). Japanese researchers showed that omega 3 and 6 oils counteract UV-induced hyperpigmentation of the skin. They also mentioned in their introduction that it was proven previously that omega 6 oil counteracts hyperpigmentation, Crocodile oil also contains omega 7 oil (palmitoleic acid), which is similar to the contents of sebum and also has antibacterial properties. Chinese researchers found that cream containing oil very high in omega 7 counteract spots, skin discolorations, and hyper-pigmentation. They found that large pigmented spots of postmenopausal women disappeared completely.

From this literature-derived data, it is clear that crocodile oil which is rich in omega 6, 7, and 9 oils can be used for the treatment or alleviation of the above-mentioned ailments.


Crocodile Leather

Crocodile skin products are available from the curio shop. All our products are sourced from ethical crocodile farming practices and CITES certification will be produced for export.


Crocodile Meat

We do stock crocodile meat – crocodile fillets, kebabs, patties, and sausage and sell from the curio shop at Croc City.

Crocodile is white meat and its nutritional composition compares favorably with that of more traditional meats.

Crocodile meat has a delicate flavor and its taste can often be covered by the use of strong marinades.


    • Crocodile meat is low in fat and high in protein.
    • The choicest cuts of meat are the back-strap and tail fillet.








CROCODILE 21.1 1.9 436
LAMB 22.8 22 469
CHICKEN BREAST 20.2 10.2 720
BEEF SIRLOIN 19.3 16 921
PORK 20.8 18.5 975